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BBQ: Cool Whites

Sunny days and longer evenings, with the warmth of the sun on your face are the best tonic for the soul. With sizzling fare from the BBQ and a decent glass of wine in your hand, what could be more blissful? Wine and food pairing is ultimately down to personal preference, however there are some heavenly matches worth exploring to enhance your BBQ experience, so turn on, tune in and chill out . . .

Our recommendations:

Jamaican Jerk Chicken     

Fragrant, hot and spicy chicken thrive with fuller bodied varietals to complement the weight of the spice. White Rhône varietals work incredibly well: lush, rich and dry Viognier or Roussanne, Carignan Blanc, Grenache Blanc blends with their combination of minerality, floral and herbaceous notes, calm the heat of the chilli. Wines to try:

Piri-Piri Chicken

Wines which have an element of spice complement the Piri-Piri and opting for varieties that demonstrate cooling citrus notes are the perfect accompaniments to this dish. Fruit driven Albariño (Alvarinho) and lighter indigenous Portuguese varietals (Gouveio, Viosinho, Arinto ) are great to experiment with. Wines to try:

Chicken Kebabs

Naked other than a lick of olive oil, chicken kebabs are brilliant for feeding the entire family (allowing fussy children to pick out the veg they dislike!) and perfect for tired Parents to enjoy a glass of wine and moment of family bliss with (hopefully!). Chardonnay is the all-rounder when it comes to chicken: either fuller, oaked wines or fresh, fruit-driven styles. Even if you consider yourself an ABC, these are the wines to try:


When it comes to Salmon, always think Pink! The bigger flavours work with the pinkie hued skin Pinot Gris grape, lush lighter styles of Pinot Noir produced as either Rosé or Red. Wines to try:


Grilled shrimp from the barbie and a cold, citrussy white is always a brilliant combination. Bright, clean Spanish Verdejo is a delicious pairing. Prawns and Riesling have a wonderful affinity, even more so when they have a spicy marinade: just heavenly! Wines to try:


Everyone loves Halloumi. No matter how much is grilled, it always seems to disappear before anything else: salty, herbaceous, fresh…what’s not to love? This squeaky clean cheese deserves to be matched with wines that are delicious as this delicacy. The freshness of Sauvignon Blanc works brilliant or try blended with Semillon for added weight and flavour. Wines to try:

Wine Tips: Cool BBQ Whites

Vegetable Skewers    

There’s nothing quite like the tang of chargrilled veg – sweet and savoury, yearning for a wine to match. Chenin Blanc offers clean acidity and natural sweetness that balances brilliantly, whilst the lighter Italian grape Garganega (more known under the name of Soave) offers spice, white stone fruit and citrus which pair fabulously. Wines to try:

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Meatier Portobello mushrooms have the quality of a beefsteak: the classic pairing with a medium-full bodied red such as spicy, plummy Merlot is classic for a reason (delicious!), but also opting for a fuller-bodied white such as a new-world Chardonnay that has spent some time in oak: offering weight and complexity, this is a wonderful pairing. Wines to try:


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