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BBQ: Blazing Reds

Red wines to drink with BBQs

Sunny days and longer evenings, with the warmth of the sun on your face are the best tonic for the soul. With sizzling fare from the BBQ and a decent glass of wine in your hand, what could be more blissful? Wine and food pairing is ultimately down to personal preference, however there are some heavenly matches worth exploring to enhance your BBQ experience, so turn on, tune in and chill out . . .

Our sizzling recommendations:

The Perennial Sausage

Barbecued sausages are a perennial favourite: the range in seasoning varies, but the char flavour take centre stage. Bolder reds are terrific pairings and in particular, Tempranillo is an absolute winner! Wines to try:

Pork Chops

Pork Chops offer a lighter intensity of flavour and weight which pair wonderfully with French Rosés based around the Cinsault, Grenache blends: whether from Provence, the Rhône or the Languedoc, these fruity wines bring out the sweetness of the meat and their chilled character compliments brings a delicious freshness to the occasion. Wines to try:

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork or Ribs

Slow cooked Pulled Pork or Ribs with hickory flavours work brilliantly when paired with medium-bodied Italian reds such as Barbera or Sangiovese, these reds emphasise the richness and sweetness of the meat, whilst their acidity levels ensure there’s balance. Wines to try:


So many cuts to choose from: Sirloin, Rib, T-Bone, Flat Iron, Tomahawk, Porterhouse or Fillet: there’s no denying barbecued Steak – whatever the cut – is one of the tastiest dishes to be enjoyed! The most renown pairing for steak is Malbec, with Bordeaux Blends as popular.  Equally worth exploring are the wines of heady wines of Mourvèdre (Monastrell/Mataro). Wines to try:

Beef Ribs

The secret to good beef ribs is to go low and slow. Intensely flavoured from the first rub of spice and then the additional sauce, the meat should be tender when fully cooked and the concentrated flavours yearn for wine of equal weight: think full-bodied Shiraz/Syrah andZinfandel. Wines to try:

Wine Tips: Blazing BBQ Reds


Succulent burgers combined with a with juicy Grenache or Cabernet Sauvignon reveal true BBQ bliss! Grenache (Grenache Noir/Garnacha) offer an array of red and dark fruits with herbal hints that work brilliantly with seasoned meat, whilst much adored Cabernet Sauvignon delivers greater weight and darker fruit that bring out the sweetness of the caramelised meat. Wines to try:

Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Perfect for entertaining a crowd, barbecued butterflied Lamb always goes down a treat in our house: we love to use masses of lemon, garlic and oregano to marinade and slow roast the meat to ensure it’s tender and retains the delicate flavour of Lamb. This inspires the mood of Mediterranean holidays and the smell of the hot sun on the pavements. Pinot Noir and Mencia are brilliant accompaniments here, medium bodied to not overwhelm the meat, with raspberry and cherry fruit taking the spotlight…delicious! Wines to try:

Lamb Chops

The sweetness of the Lamb and smokiness from the barbecue is a marriage made in heaven. The character of Cinsault is spicy, fruity and smoky which is a wonderful pairing. A slight twist on the classic Bordeaux Blend, is to opt for the solo Cabernet Franc, whose higher acidity level naturally cuts through the fattiness of Lamb, allowing the sweet and savoury characteristics of both the wine and meat to sing in harmony. Wines to try:

Middle Eastern Marinaded Lamb Kebabs

Lamb loves spice: both Za’tar and Baharat are brilliant blends that take barbecuing to the next level.  The introduction of herbs and spices allows wines that demonstrate these characteristics to complement one another perfectly. ‘Garrigue’ style wines such as Côtes du Rhône blends (Grenache/Syrah) or warmer climate intense bush-vine versions are brilliant. Wines to try:

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