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Gifting Wine To Godchildren

Gifting Wine to Godchildren

In Victorian times, it was traditional to cellar a “pipe of Port” (approximately 61 cases) for your children when they were born with a view to them starting to drink it 21 years later when both the children and the Port had matured. The tradition has evolved over time into gifting to Godchildren and with further evolution reducing the quantity and expanding the range into laying down worthy red wines or vintage Champagnes.

The decision to declare a Vintage for Port is decided by every producer or shipper each year individually, based on whether they feel they have the contributing factors for the Port to be considered extraordinary. Historically, a producer might declare three or four Vintages a decade, but they will only do so when they are sure they can maintain their own high standards.

For wine to survive (and thrive!) the 21 years to maturation, it must contain the combination of great structure, fruit and acidity, all in a balance, which will ensure the maturing capability of the wine. Without this triumvirate from vintages meriting a Great or Exceptional rating, the wine simply won’t last.

We recommend that the wine is stored under Bond, in temperature controlled professional cellars, which we can arrange for you. The gift is initially purchased without paying the duty or VAT on the goods, this is paid when the wine is withdrawn for drinking, thus allowing the recipient to decide whether they wish to continue maturing the wine, withdraw to drink and enjoy, or if they decide to sell the wines. 

We can advise on the initial gift and provide a Certificate of Ownership for you to present to your Godchild’s Parents, and should you decide to top-up the cellar on future birthdays or Christmas’s, we can continue to advise.

Please contact Mark Norrie for more information.

“I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you for the advice in laying down wine for Bertie and Amelia’s Christening present. I would have been seriously floundering without your guidance, so thank you. The letter you put together for them was fantastic and made the present that little bit more special” W Bruswick
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