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enviromental policy

We are very conscious of the environmental impact packaging presents, not to mention the spiralling costs associated with packaging and deliveries. Frankly, we’d much rather you pay for what’s in the bottle, than the printing on the side of a box that is typically disposed of so we have made the decision not to use branded packaging.  

We actively ensure all recyclable products are discarded appropriately and we rely on technology to communicate with our customers and actively discourage printing, the use of paper and we do not print copies of our wine list.  Unusable wooden pallets are provided to a third party company for chipping and recycling.

Our local deliveries are packaged in either original boxes or reused boxes with minimal packaging.  Deliveries further afield are carried out on our behalf either by London City Bond through their own network of drivers, or by APC. 

London City Bond typically delivers wine in their original boxes or unbranded boxes with minimal packaging.  The wines delivered through the APC network are typically boxed up in unbranded boxes and packaged safely using recycled materials. To read their environmental policy, please click here.

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