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01666 846431
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“Their customer service is inimitable, their delivery is flawless, their communication is personal and impressively prompt” 

We are passionate about our wine and its producers and relish the opportunity to offer recommendations and advice to all our customers regardless of your experience, be that a novice or guru, so do get in contact as we are always thrilled to hear from customers.
We hold seasonal tasting events during the year locally to us here in Gloucestershire, London and online which are open to all (and the more the merrier!). Additionally, our on-line tastings during Covid lock-down proved to be so terrifically spirited that we have included them as a permanent offering. And if you are looking for a uniquely engaging event to entertain friends or clients, whatever the occasion, our Private & Corporate Tastings are legendary in these parts.
We’d love to bring a little good cheer to your inboxes: we share our new wines, seasonally curated mixed cases, spotlight articles and tailored offers in our timely newsletter so please sign-up if of interest. We endeavour to use this channel respectfully and you can opt out easily at any time.
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