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Moke’s Notes:

Raise your wine game with tips, advice and spotlight articles

Our Latest Crush: Champagne Gounel-Lassalle

In the heart of the Marne Valley in Champagne, amidst the celebrated vineyards of Chigny-les-Roses, there resides a maverick; a man whose passion for winemaking transcends tradition, propelling him towards innovation. Arnaud Gounel-Lassalle, billed as the ‘Wine-Rider’ is a visionary whose journey traces back to the roots of his family’s history. Read more →

Food Pairing: What to drink with chilli

Nothing beats internal heating in these chilly months like breaking out the chilli!! While many will be reaching for a beer at this point, we find that its carbonation exaggerates the heat and spice and as such, our hands are reaching out for still wines. Here are some of our favourites to temper the heat. Read more →

Food Pairing: Great wines to drink with pie

British Pie Week (4th – 10th March) Homemade or Higgidy; Real or Pukka; Humble or Posh, there’s something truly comforting about a Pie! In celebration of these delicious one pan-dishes, here are some of our favourite savoury pies and brilliant wines to elevate your enjoyment. Read more →

Food Pairing: BBQ Blazing Reds (Part 2)

We’ve covered recommendations for white and now we turn our appetite to red. The perennial charred pork sausage, fiery ribs, juicy steaks – these BBQ favourites are pitching hard for something to match.  Read more →

Food Pairing: What to drink with a Chinese 

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon; a creature that holds significance as majestic and powerful, unparalleled in talent and excellence. Symbolising power, nobility, luck and success in Chinese culture, 2024 is forecasted to be about opportunities, changes and challenges. Read more →

Food Pairing: BBQ Cool Whites (Part 1)

With sizzling fare on the BBQ and a decent glass of wine in your hand, what could be more blissful?  There are some heavenly matches worth exploring to enhance your BBQ, so turn on, tune in and chill out. Read more →

Moke’s Notes: Spotlight on Tempranillo

Each year, on the second Thursday in November, we celebrate Tempranillo Day. Tempranillo is a black grape variety widely grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain. Its name is the diminutive of the Spanish temprano, meaning “early”. Read more →

Notes: What makes a wine vegan or vegetarian? 

With many now adopting a vegan diet, and with a greater awareness and call for the transparency of ingredients and processes, we are often asked about wines with credentials to match. Surely all wines are vegan? It’s reasonable to assume that but the answer is rather more complicated. Read more →

Our Latest Crush: Hamilton Russell

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of Winemakers/Proprietors over the years. Ardent views are expected, most are cordial and insightful but on occasion, some people stand out as giants amongst men: Anthony Hamilton Russell is one such being (and it’s not just to do with his stature!) Read more →

Our Latest Crush: Domaine des Tourelles

Lying at the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean, the fertile, terracotta soils of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon are bordered by snow-capped mountains, making the vines look almost lime green in the vineyards. Here, the history and culture of the country and its people is every bit as important as the grape variety which, when weaved together, show the rich tapestry of this land. Read more →

Our Latest Crush: Montresor Bio

Heralding from Verona, home to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet,  Montresor Bio’s potions are the antithesis of deadly. Each wine shows enormous personality, demonstrating brilliant varietal character or the beauty of the blend. Read more →

Top Picks: Refreshing Rosé

Rosé is the darling of the bunch and its popularity continues to soar. Long gone are the days of the Mateus Rosé monopoly (thankfully!) and over the last two decades, the UK has demanded higher quality rosé. Here, we share some of Moke’s favourites. Read more →

Food Pairing: Glorious with game

With the Game season underway, so fleeting is the time we have to enjoy these seasonal delicacies, that pairing the wines is worth the effort. The complexity of the aromas and flavours are unique to the meat and the length of time it’s been hung for has significant impact on the taste. Read more →

Year review 2022: Our top 10! 

Every year we taste thousands of wines. These are the gems that have stopped us in our tracks, where the hairs on the back of our necks prick up and we walk away with a spring in our step. When we close our eyes and think about these wines, we can still recall their taste. Some are extremely limited by their nature, so snap them up whilst you can. Read more →

Top Picks: Impress your party guests with wines to suit the mood, food & purse

Here at Moke we always love the pre-party pursuits – especially when it comes to the task of deciding on the wine list. The goal must always be to impress, to dazzle. This commands the ultimate tick sheet: people, mood, food & budget. Read more →

Notes: Wines by country

A whirlwind tour around the main wine producing countries. Whether you steer toward old or new world, we hope we can tempt you further afield to explore unventured lands.  Read more →

Notes: Our top 5 wine tips 

Want the inside knowledge to help improve your joy of wine? We know that wine can feel intimidating for some, so let’s start this Top Wine Tips series with our five best tips to help you draw the most benefit from choosing, drinking and storing your wine. Read more →

Food Pairing: Taco Tuesday

We think you’ll agree that, along with Meatless Monday and Fish Friday, Taco Tuesday is on the money! Aside from the satisfying ding of alliteration, it makes great sense to meal prep and plan ahead, and where better to start than the wine rack? Here, we recommend a super collection of wines to pair with Mexican food, from the sultry to the zingy. Read more →

Top Picks: Best whites under £10 (Oct ’22)

Maximise your pleasure with our best whites for under a tenner, offering superb quality and value. Perfect to impress a crowd, or for a mid-week after work perk, these wines are well worth a look. Read more →

Food Pairing: Sushi & wine

When it comes to wine pairing, balance is the key, with neither the wine nor sushi should overpower the other. Typically, the best wines to pair are light to medium-bodied wines with medium to high acid and lower alcohol. However, the fillings, ingredients and sauces play their role and should be factored in when thinking about what wine to pair. Read more →

Notes: Gifting wine to godchildren

In Victorian times, it was traditional to cellar a “pipe of Port” (approx 61 cases) for your children when they were born with a view to them starting to drink it 21 years later when both the children and the Port had matured.  Read more →

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