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Why Moke? Rhyming with Coke, we’re frequently asked why are we called Moke Fine Wines? When Mark set up the business in 2010, he wanted a name associated with the virtues of service that we firmly believe in. Moke is a family name belonging to Mark which was dropped by his Great Grandfather (we think). Mark’s Grandfather, Willoughby Norrie, was an extraordinary character and amongst his many achievements, he was awarded the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, a British order of Chivalry. When one considers the principles of chivalry (loyalty, generosity and honour to name a few) these are all admirable qualities that we consider important in how we operate our business. In honouring Mark’s Grandfather and combining our families affection for the New World, we continue to explore and embrace the wonderful wines these regions (and many others) whilst operating in a kindly fashion under our own appellation of Moke Fine Wines.

It’s a family affair  . . .

Mark Norrie

Who knew that working as ‘Christmas Temp’ in the Basingstoke warehouse of Berry Bros & Rudd, would lead to a career in the wine-trade spanning 25 years? Having developed his knowledge with the Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and Loire specialists, his passion and fascination with wine ensured he continued to explore further afield.  In 2010, Mark decided to create a relationship focused wine business, resurrecting the family name and thus Moke Fine Wines was born.

Penny Norrie

As a precocious teenager, Penny could tell the difference between ‘Dom Perignon’ and ‘Comte de Champagne’! Deciding not to follow in her parent’s perfumery footsteps, Penny followed her ‘nose’ into the wine trade post university instead.  Starting out with Oddbins (in the good old days), she moved onto Berry Bros & Rudd where she headed up the hospitality department. During her tenure, Penny tasted thousands of ‘Iconic’ wines on a regular basis. In 2014, she joined Mark at Moke Fine Wines and has put her natural talents to great use.  Penny’s love of Champagne has never diminished, and she relishes the challenge to find exquisite new wines from around the world, to share with clients. 

Our Values

For twelve years, Moke Fine Wines has been dedicated to spreading the joy that is wine and, to borrow one client’s opinion, has been “delivering expertise in every bottle”! With that, comes the celebration of the provenance, stories and people that lie behind the labels. Wine is truly fascinating, full of complexity and diversity, and the grape is just the start!

From everyday favourites to serious Fine Wine (and a LOT of depth and breadth in between) we can’t help but share our passion for what’s in the glass. We are a husband and wife team (yes, we met on the job and talk about wine over breakfast!) and have the collective experience of five decades in the wine trade.
We have made it our mission to narrow the search and present wines which we wholeheartedly believe in. Wine that is true to character, demonstrates terroir and offers both pleasure and value for money. We’ve tasted thousands of wines in order to present the wines we list: eliminating wines has helped us distil down into very clear objectives about our business.


There’s no ambiguity on our prices: we set our prices clearly at levels we believe represent good value for money.  If the price goes through the roof and we no longer think it’s good value, sadly the wine might disappear from our list.  Remember, in the UK duty is £2.23 a bottle alone…..once you start adding packaging, logistics, margin and of course VAT, it doesn’t leave much room for the actual wine. Our focus is on ensuring that the wines we stock are of genuine and consistent value. 


We only stock wines we believe are wonderful examples of their variety and regionality. We love terroir and we are passionate about promoting Producers who are doing the right thing both with their wines and for the planet.


Being an independent wine merchant means we only sell wines we truly believe in. We are not beholden to selling wines that we are forced to stock in order to cherry pick for the limited production wines.  It also means we can shape our list around our client’s wishes and offer a fantastic range of wines you actually want to drink!


We’re trying our best to be as sustainable as possible and as such, we try to recycle as much packaging as possible for all orders of drinking wines. We appreciate that if you’re buying a gift you want it to look as smart as possible, so don’t worry, we have that in hand as well! We’ve highlighted Producers on our list who farm Organically, Biodynamically or Practice Organic Viticulture, as well as those with excellent Sustainability credentials for you to search for.


Whether you are new to wine and want some advice or you’re looking specifically for a certain wine, do get in touch. We’re always happy to chat!

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