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As a truly Independent Wine Merchant, we have tasted thousands of wines to narrow down the selection of what makes the list. Many of the growers and domaines are the same as when we started, but over time our range has developed in terms of depth and breadth, and there’s still nothing more exciting than meet new producers with fabulous wines we yearn to share! Our list isn’t about labels or points, it’s about value and drinkability.
We work alongside trusted producers and agents, many of whom prioritise sustainability in the form of organic and biodynamic viticulture (or their conversion or ‘reasoned viticulture’ methods), as well their vegan or vegetarian status. Our producers demonstrate style and substance, over price points or fashion; and ultimately, it’s the quality in the glass that tells the stories of these amazing producers.
As ever, do get in contact if you’d like further information or advice. 
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